Are you an ISO who wants to fund deals quickly, with minimum stress and hiccups?  Zip Funding funding wants to work with you! We are a 100% Direct Lender that is looking for reliable ISOs. We will always underwrite your files in less than 24 hours, fund your deals within 4 hours of completed contracts/stipulations.
Here is what we offer, to help you get those commission checks fast:

  • 100% Direct Lender
  • Same day funding/aggressive approvals
  • 1st – 6th positions
  • Max $500k offers
  • Daily/Weekly payments available
  • Syndication on your deals
  • You handle the renewal!
  • Factor rates 1.28 – 1.49 with points built in
  • Minimum stips/No UCC liens
  • Docusign available

We are loyal to you and your growth

We provide quick offers, reliable communications, and fund all 50 states. We offer early payoff discounts, go up to 9 months, and will NEVER contact your old offers, or send out your declines.